Maximize Your Small Office Space with These Ideas

Maximize Your Small Office Space with These Ideas

Office space is at a premium. Not every business is fortunate to have unlimited office space. Even if you start out occupying an entire floor, there may come a time when you need another floor to make some room for more furniture, office items, and staff members.

Here is some practical advice on how to maximize your limited office space, so you don’t have to move or build:

No need to section off entire offices in your building or on your floor.

The days of aspiring to get the corner office are long gone. Now, it is more practical to have an open working area instead of building separate offices especially for managers and senior executives. recommends using office cubicles, so there is some level of privacy for when employees need to focus.

Encourage a culture of “movement”.

Treat the area as your office, instead of limiting employees to one little corner. With a strong Wi-Fi connection and a laptop for every employee, employees can move around freely. They can switch to an unoccupied cubicle, desk, or even a lounge sofa. This helps encourage creativity and productivity. Moreover, if employees can move around more, their blood circulation benefits.

Limit to functional décor.

Décor and displays for their own sake may take up valuable space without doing anything. Instead, use décor that offers a function or at least limit your décor to spaces that people don’t use (like walls). Speaking of walls, you can equip them with shelves to eliminate the need to build separate shelves that get in the way.

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Limit the use of paper.

Paper documents can pile up quickly, creating a need for filing cabinets and other forms of storage. Make your processes digital and use less paper. You can avoid needing more space for paper documents and help the environment by limiting waste. Secure cloud servers are available for only a fraction of the cost of all of that paper.

The modern office is not cluttered, but it does not have to be too large either. You can come up with creative ways to free up more space and use it for more productive pursuits.