Constantly Monitor Where Your Ads Appear

Constantly Monitor Where Your Ads Appear

Martin Sorrell, CEO of British multinational advertising and public relations company WPP, has called out two of the biggest tech companies in the world, Facebook and Google, for their need to “step up” in deleting extremist content posted using their platforms.

This is in the wake of recent financial news appearing in news agencies and finance update providers like concerning the boycott by some major advertisers of Google property YouTube.

General Motors, AT&T, and Johnson & Johnson are three of the biggest brands to pull their advertisements from the video sharing platform after the brands’ ads appeared next to content they deemed inappropriate.

Sorrell may have called out Google and Facebook on their need to exercise more responsibility for the content appearing on their platforms, but he does not believe the boycott makes sense. A permanent boycott of YouTube, he says, is not a good move.

How are the tech giants reacting?

Perhaps the one good news to come out of this is that Google and the rest of the tech giants in the social media industry are responding positively. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, in a meeting with UK Interior Minister Amber Rudd, have agreed to come up with new technical tools and other ways to find and remove dangerous propaganda and the like more quickly.

How can you keep track of your ads on social?

Make no mistake about it: YouTube is still one of the most effective and important media for reaching your audience, and ads placed on the platform are still enjoying maximum exposure. While this is the case, the fact is many companies still lack the dedication to monitor their own ads.

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This is an investment you should be willing to make: a constant monitoring of your online presence is a must.

While choosing to boycott a potent and highly promising service may seem like a sensible thing to do for some companies, you should consider that the responsibility goes both ways. Use the platforms that work best for you, but be vigilant in making sure your ads appear only where appropriate.