Signs of an Impending Garage Door Torsion Break

Signs of an Impending Garage Door Torsion Break

Your household faces real danger when the garage door is dysfunctional. There is nothing more dangerous than an impending torsion spring break. The mechanics of the springs can be the main reason why you need garage door repair services in Wilmington, Delaware.. What you need to understand is that they hold the heaviest and biggest door in the house. An accident involving these structures could mean serious injury or death.

Ratings and Cycles

In the course of a year, you will be opening the door to the garage three to five times a day. The average lifespan of a highly rated spring is 10,000 cycles. You can expect the springs to serve you well for about five to seven years.

When Springs Fail

Torsion springs store a lot of potential energy. They are made to endure tens of thousands of cycles. However, every manmade mechanism has a breaking point. When torsion springs fail, they do so with a bang. When you have a complete failure, the door will not budge no matter how much you try. You will not be able to open it automatically or manually.

Telltale Signs

Before a complete breakdown, there are telltale signs you need to find. A complete failure may be close at hand if the door opens slower than usual. If there nothing wrong with the automatic opener, the slower speed is due to the greater weight of the door. When torsion springs are fully functional, there should be no delay with the door raise.

If the door goes up about six inches and then stops suddenly, then you are dealing with dysfunctional springs. Damaged springs are unable to unwind and transfer stored energy into lifting the door.

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If you follow maintenance protocols religiously, the springs will live out their intended lifespan. Time will come when failure is imminent. Of course, they may still be saved in the hands of a proficient garage door repair professional from Wilmington, Delaware.