The Many Forms of Steel

The Many Forms of Steel

Steel is a necessary part of modern life. Sometimes you may not notice it but, it provides and produces many tools that you use every day. From appliances to your car, steel is the primary material.

According to the British Stainless Steel Association, among the important uses of steel includes medical devices, transportation, chemical and pharmaceutical, architecture, engineering, and food processing. Steel has many forms which make it suitable for a variety of uses.

Coil Steel

Coil steel is used for car manufacturing, electrical appliances, and office equipment. To create coil steel, it goes through the process of coil rolling. It involves heat and adjustments in temperature, where raw ingots of steel are placed inside a continuous caster and cut into different lengths. Coil steel is often used in building pipes, tanks, ships, bicycles, and other types of transport and military equipment.

Blanking and Shearing

Blanking is a process that creates flat shape or geometrical blank sheets. Steel workers feed steel coils into a press and die machine. Steel worked in this manner is used for automobile parts because of its strong and thick layering. This type of steel is a specialized sheet that can be in simple or complex forms.

Sheared steel is made from extreme heat then hammered to short lengths. This type of steel is mostly used for electronic machines, equipment, and other metal supplies.

Other Steel Types

Other steel types that industries use for various production processes are: slit steel, cold-reduced steel, edge-conditioned steel, and cut-to-length steel. Many steel companies supply these steel materials to varied industries and factories.

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Without steel, modern life is impossible. This material is now part of the modern world and will continue to be manufactured, fabricated, and processed as it is an essential ingredient in humanity’s future.