Digital Tools for the Modern Real Estate Agent

Digital Tools for the Modern Real Estate Agent

Housing remains one of the most basic needs of every person. It is also traditional for most cultures for adult children to move out of the family home once they have come of age or get married. The growing population in the US has seen more homes and residential high-rises currently under construction.

This also makes real estate a good investment. In Colorado, real estate agents are reaching out to the younger market by using digital tools and techniques when marketing their listings.

Gone are the days of traditional open houses and of showing interested buyers every property that might fit their category. Those methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Here are some alternative tools used today:

360 Degree Images

Real estate agents or brokers now list their properties on a website or app. This gives potential buyers access to the photos and information about the house, apartment or condo for sale or rent.

Technology has improved how buyers view these properties because real estate professionals already use 360-degree images. This way, viewers can drag their mouse around the space and see it from different angles.

They can also use their smartphones and access all the information while on the go. This saves them time and effort. They can check out various options and narrow down their choices to two or three properties that they would like to view in person.

AR/VR Technology

Virtual reality glasses are not just useful for video games; they now form an integral role in the real estate industry. Augmented and virtual reality allows brokers or agents to show clients and buyers project developments not yet built.

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This is ideal when marketing properties which are still in the pre-selling phase. It also works for developments that don’t have a model house or model unit yet. Using VR glasses, the buyer can look around the site and feel like he’s actually there.

This is more effective than showing 3D drawings or artists’ rendering of the properties offered.

These innovations are being used to bring the real estate industry into the digital era. For real estate professionals, it’s important to meet the market’s needs and be where they are — online.