Decorative Lighting Fixtures: The 3 Main Kinds

Decorative Lighting Fixtures: The 3 Main Kinds

Interior decor is currently a big part of all residential and commercial premises. Various elements work together to create your desired look, but the most inexpensive is lighting. Apart from serving its functional purpose, there are multiple ways you can use light to enhance your interior decor.

Among these ways is by investing in decorative lighting fixtures, suggest specialists from These fixtures will add the perfect finishing touch to the decor you labor hard to create. Here are some decorative lighting fixtures that you can pick.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting goes way back to Greek dwellings. Through the ages, hanging pendants have evolved to works of modern art, which can transform any interior space. Drum shade, farmhouse-style, and Tiffany style pendants are some of the contemporary ones you can select for your interiors. Pendants may consist of multiple hanging fixtures or only one fixture. They are typically used in entryways, dining room tables, and kitchen islands.


These consist of a circular fixture with uplights and sometimes downlights connected to multiple arms. Crystal chandeliers are the popular option as they are renowned for their sparkle. There are, however, various types of chandeliers available. Chandeliers will fit all rustic and modern interior decors. Though commonly used in dining rooms, chandeliers can fit all rooms.

Wall Sconces

These are typically used for ambient and accent lighting, highlighting art pieces and illuminating hallways. Wall sconces come in various finishes including brushed nickel, frosted glass, oil-brushed and antique brass. Candle-style wall sconces resemble antique wall fixtures. Pocket-style ones with art glass or mica shades will provide a warm glow.

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Though some of the above fixtures require the use of multiple bulbs, you need not worry about high energy costs. With the advent of energy-efficient LED light bulbs, this has been efficiently taken care of. These bulbs also come in various colors to match your room’s primary color scheme.