Planning an Outdoor Space—Setting Up the Basics for a Cozier Outdoor Hang Out

Planning an Outdoor Space—Setting Up the Basics for a Cozier Outdoor Hang Out

Almost everything can now be done indoors. Perhaps this is why the allure of gathering outdoors, especially at night, is strong.

This versus That

Is the outdoor space you want an extension of the house or a place for family and friends to gather around casually? Where are you going to set it up and will you DIY or hire a professional? Naturally, there are advantages to hiring professionals. They can easily assess the space they have to work with and match it with your requirements, and they also have the appropriate skills to bring your ideal outdoor space to life.

Elements of Your Outdoor Space

In general, you’ll need seating and surfaces. If those can also double as storage spaces, even better—you will need a place to store pillows and cushions in case it rains. Remember, too, to make sure everything is made or finished to withstand the elements and have spare upholstery covers made to keep your cushions and pillows protected in case of spills or accidents.

A Touch of Warmth

Live in an area where temperatures can drop? An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a great way to add style and function to your space.

A fireplace adds a structural focal point and lends an air of formality while a fire pit makes the area feel more casual. Also, you need to decide which kind of fireplace or fire pit you want to install. If you want to add to the ambiance, a wood burning fireplace or fire pit will do nicely. If efficiency and convenience are your priority, either gas or electric would be the better option for a fireplace while glass is best for a fire pit. An extra benefit to an outdoor glass fire pit is that the glass pebbles come in a wide range of colors—perfect if you want to match it to your decor!

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Once you have the essentials, it will be easy to dress up your space. Add some plants, photographs, even artwork. By personalizing the space, you are better guaranteed that everyone will use it as often as any other room in the house.