Types of Shipping Containers Suitable for Home Sheds

Types of Shipping Containers Suitable for Home Sheds

Various shipping containers make excellent garden sheds. Unlike wooden containers, shipping containers are robust, pre-built, easy to organise, and they take heavy items.

Shipping containers come with a huge loading capacity due to their strong floors that are well-supported by the heavy-duty rails. They are designed to hold up to 30 tons of cargo, thus, giving you plenty of room for all of your collection. That said, here are the types of containers used in making sheds for your Tamworth home.

Also referred to as one trip containers, these containers offer the best value as they last three times longer than a used container. Additionally, in case you want to sell it in the future, you are likely to get a better price than when selling a container that was marked “used”. However, note that these containers may have a few minor dents that happened during their one trip shipping from the manufacturer.

Refurbished Containers

If you have limited space or you require a particular container size, this is the ideal choice for you. It is made by cutting down a 20ft or a 40ft container to your required size. They are easy to adjust in size since they come with flat panel doors as opposed to the original shipping cargo doors. The exterior of this container is repainted to the colour of your choice, making it easy to blend in with the rest of the features in your home.

Used Containers

Typically, these are thoroughly inspected at the depot, and in case there are any repairs needed, they are done prior to their delivery to your premises. They should always have working cargo doors, functional seals and a robust marine cargo floor. In case you opt to repaint the container yourself, dark colours such as dark green are recommended as they soften its appearance and make it easy for the container to blend with the ground.

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In most cases, a shipping container makes a better shed than the ordinary garden shed. Additionally, it is less costly and requires minimal maintenance. To get the longest service from your container, take care of it by repainting it occasionally and removing debris to prevent the accumulation of water pools that lead to damages.