Three Essential Questions that You Need to Ask Your Janitor

Maintenance PersonelThe importance of a clean, well-organized working environment can’t be underestimated. A chaotic workplace can hugely affect your team’s productivity, not to mention destroy your image in the eyes of clients. It’s the reason why top companies invest in a professional cleaning service like Forte Commercial Cleaning Utah to keep their spaces fresh and gleaming. As you interview a cleaning service provider in Salt Lake City, here are the three questions that you need to ask:
What do you do to meet the requirements?

Ultimately, you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth when paying for janitorial services. For that reason, your potential janitors need to prove whether they have a certified team in place to do what they promise. The company needs to be regularly reviewed and audited by credible third-party organizations so that you know you’re dealing with someone you can rely on.

Who inspects your work?

Many cleaning companies have their cleaners inspect their work. However, you’re much better off working with a janitorial service that has an independent team to conduct thorough inspections to ensure that your space is adequately cleaned. That’s because having cleaners inspect their work translates into conflict and interest, and often no real investigation is done.

Is your company certified by CIMS?

The Cleaning Industry Management Standard is set by ISSA, the top organization for the cleaning industry, to ensure that cleaning companies deliver consistent and quality services. Any company that does not have this certification can’t prove that it can provide the first-class services that you’ll need.

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Janitorial service providers provide a much-needed service to businesses. To make sure that you hire an agency that is both efficient and detail-oriented, you need to ask the right questions during the interview.