Leather Options Available for Manufacturing Safety Gloves

Leather Options Available for Manufacturing Safety Gloves

Your employee’s hands are the most exposed to various workplace hazards. Hand injuries account for approximately 40% of all workplace injuries annually. To protect them and your company from lawsuits, getting safety work gloves for them is necessary.

The material is among the elements you will consider when buying safety gloves for your workers. Leather safety gloves are an ideal option for various industries since they can withstand the most rigorous tasks. Here are the types of leather used for safety gloves:


This is a common or readily available leather type, and, therefore, gloves made from this material are typically inexpensive. Cowhide safety gloves have superior dexterity, durability and puncture and abrasion resistance. They are effective at keeping the hands warm. But they have limited breathability and dry stiff after exposure to moisture. Safety gloves made from cowhide are ideal for automotive, construction, landscaping and packaging industries.


This type of leather is renowned as a highly durable, abrasion and puncture resistant and soft one and, therefore, makes very comfortable gloves. Pigskin is moisture resistant and remains soft and smooth when exposed to moisture. Though it has a higher level of breathability and dexterity compared to cowhide, it does not keep one’s hands as warm as the latter does.


This type of leather is soft and remains pliable after repeated exposure to water. It has greater breathability and flexibility compared to pigskin but is not as durable. The abrasion and puncture resistance of gloves made from goatskin is similar to those made from cowhide, but the goatskin gloves do not keep one’s hands very warm.

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The above types of leather are further classified into a full and split grain, which denotes their quality level. Split grain pigskin, cowhide and goatskin leather gloves are cheaper than full grain gloves. Regardless of the leather gloves you choose, you can rest assured of their comfort, protection and durability based on the inherent traits of the type of leather used.