No More Sleepless Nights: How to Keep Bed Bugs Off Your Mattress

No More Sleepless Nights: How to Keep Bed Bugs Off Your Mattress

Bed bugs are good at hiding while moving from one surface to another. They can easily make their way into your mattress and make it their home while hiding along the seams. While on it, the pesky pests will get cozy and steal your peace at night.

Once an infestation is in motion, getting rid of them becomes hard. You can only eliminate them permanently by involving the services of bed bug pest control experts. Once the removal is over, it’s best to protect your mattress and avoid recurrence. Follow these tips:

Inspect for Signs of Bugs

Before taking any steps, make sure no more bugs are lingering on your bed. Check for signs such as exoskeletons and droppings. Lift the mattress and check the edge of the bed near the seam. Scrutinize the entire mattress and bedding. If you find any bugs, ensure they are all exterminated first.

Use a Zippered Cover

This kind of cover will not only protect your mattress but also reduce infestation. Pillows and box spring should also be encased for further protection. Also, to prevent bugs from climbing your bed, use plastic sheets on the poles.

Avoid Practices that Attract Bed Bugs

Bed bugs gain access into homes in some of the most unexpected ways. One avenue they use to access your bedroom is through shared laundry areas. Avoid doing your bedding and laundry there if you can. If you must use the area, clean up with hot water and dry at the maximum heat setting.

Use Interceptors

These prevent bugs from climbing up the bed, and thus from getting to the mattress. Use an interceptor under each leg.

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Getting rid of bed bugs can be a long and difficult process. The above tips will help you keep them off your mattress so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.