Q&A: What to Ask Your Potential Moving Company

Q&A: What to Ask Your Potential Moving Company

Not all moving companies are alike. When you’re planning a move, you want a reputable moving company to handle your stuff. The folks over at Moving Squad have compiled some questions you should ask a moving company before you hire them.

Are they licensed and insured?

A reputable moving company should be both licensed and insured. If you’re going to move from one state to another, your mover should have a US DOT (United States Department of Transportation) number. This number is issued by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and serves as a unique identifier. A US DOT number gives you online access to company details, fleet size, and safety and insurance information, as well as on-road performance and investigation results for unsafe driving, vehicle maintenance, and driver fitness, among others.

Aside from a USDOT number and a license, you should make sure that the moving company has insurance. Accidents can happen even with the best of movers, so having insurance is essential. There are two types of liability options that movers can offer: full value protection and released value protection.

Ensuring that the moving company you’re going to hire is licensed and insured is the easiest way for you to avoid being scammed.

How long have they been in business?

Experience matters. A company that has been in business for a long time knows what it is doing. A good track record shows that the moving company can deliver top-notch service with each and every move.

Do they use moving inventories?

Reliable moving companies use moving inventories to document the number and condition of the items that they are packing and transporting. These inventories protect you and your stuff from theft and damage.

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Will they pack for you?

Packing is an extra service that movers can offer to their customers. If you don’t have enough time to do your packing yourself, or if you have items, like a piano or a hot tub, that require professional packing, then you should take advantage of this service.

Do they disassemble furniture?

Professional movers say that there are several reasons why moving companies may disassemble furniture. Some pieces may be too big or bulky to fit through narrow doors or up and down some stairways, while others may have fragile parts that can be broken during relocation and must be packed separately. Professional movers will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment needed to safely and quickly disassemble your furniture.

Do they have any reviews online?

A good moving company would have a good reputation, both online and offline. Ask around for recommendations for the company. Check the company’s rating on websites such as Yelp so that you can get insight into other people’s experiences with the moving company.

What do their rates include?

Ask your moving company what their rates include. Remember that just because the rates are low, it doesn’t mean that the final bill will be low as well.

Before you hire the first moving company you see, remember to ask these questions to protect yourself and your possessions from potential scammers and smooth talkers.